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-Deborah Smith

About Deborah Smith

-Deborah Smith

Dr. Deborah Smith is an executive woman leader who offers a sought-after combination of leadership experiences and knowledge with skills to design, lead, organize, deploy, and implement strategy with structured problem- solving techniques that leads to sustainable results. She mentors/coaches/facilitates others to success, with a teaching heart to make an intellectual investment to unlock leadership potential. Investing in leaders to think and like mentors/coaches is an important talent.

Women Leaders

Magnificent work takes enormous time and commitment. Lives you touched, impacted, and influenced to do something will be your legacy.

Women Leaders

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Life Coaching Services



Part of every leader's job is to know the intelligence of your organization and have the capability to implement new ways of innovation, technology thinking that is actionable and transferrable:

Leadership Coaching

Know every leader, the top talent future leader’s potential, how to make sustainable changes, run the business, inspire/sustain results, bring out the best in others and create high performing teams.

Mastery: Performance Improvement Sciences

Not all the improvement methodologies and tools are needed. 1:1 coaching focuses on the capabilities of awareness to mastery on the right challenges, while managing, measuring, and scaling the talent’s abilities.


Self-Publishing And Book Printing

I really like this section: I want to create partnerships with others that I work with and encourage others to write. Do I do this with you? If we partner, how would this work?
I want to be able to have the ability to promote other organizations, by adding their logo or picture.

Latest Articles

I also want to add articles, that I write or I have written, plus other publications that I want to share, but not on a daily basis, maybe monthly?

The Right "Intelligence"Tools

Successful Strategey implementation depends on:

Market Intelligence (MI)

Market share:Demographics, Disease, population, census, spend, competition, Benchmarks

Business Intelligence (BI)

Financial Budgets, Capital Equipment, Portfolio,Programe, Project Management-Analytics, Monitoring, Reporting Dashboards

Strategic/Opertional (SI)

Daily Operations, Planning schedule, Execution

Performance Sciences/Transformation Intelligence (PI)

Lean, Six Sigma, Theory Of Constraints, Change management, Rapid Improvement/Work Out, Analysis, Waste, Defects, Errors,Variation,Reliability