Dr. Deborah Lynn Sigmon Smith

Life Coaching Services: Obsess on what you can imagine

No body gives you power you must take it. Being and doing the right thing takes knowledge/competencies, and skills. The key thing is knowledge, which leads to power, but you must learn and give away knowledge to stay smart, vibrant, and educated to build industries and create your way to the top of the job you love!


Part of every leader’s job is to know the intelligence of your organization and have the capability to implement new ways of innovation, technology thinking that is actionable, and transferrable:
1. What is happening in the market, the business, and daily operations? Know the key business strategic challenges and opportunities?
2. Did you ask the tough questions, observe your business, and benchmark your competition?
3. Can you demonstrate daily progress and engage all levels of your organization to achieve transformational success?

Leadership Coaching

Know your top talent future leader’s potential and how to make sustainable changes, run the business, inspire/sustain results, bring out the best in others, and create high performing teams:

1. Do your leaders and future leaders demonstrate personal competencies, question status quo, and seeks to support innovation/transformation?
2. What about communicating with urgency and helping others to continually understand the improvements required to maintain a world class organization for the customers you serve?
3. Can your leaders translate the mission, vision, values, and goals into relevant, challenging messages to your employees to promote engagement?


MASTERY: Performance Improvement Sciences

Not all the improvement methodologies and tools are needed. 1:1 coaching focuses on the capabilities of awareness to mastery on the right challenges and changes, while managing, measuring, and scaling the talent’s abilities.
1. Do you know how to enhance and asses the profitability, quality, safety, satisfaction, growth, and effectiveness of the business?
2. Do you have an ultimate improvement program that matches your organizational needs and focuses on your internal talent capabilities?
3. How do you identify your business leverage point, ask the critical questions, and successful implement your plans?


“What do we do?”- Extending the knowledge and experience of leaders to those who aspire to be designers of the future.


“Where are we going?” -Create a platform for leaders to live their life purpose, transform, and lead in any business.


“What do we believe in and use as our guiding principles?”-


– World class performance, create the ultimate benchmarks, putting forth our professional and personal best.


Trust in all we do by conducting our business with integrity, fairness and honesty.

Cultural Diversity

Value the diversity of others and treat them with kindness and respect regardless of their background, race, religion or culture.


- Believing with one another, sensitive to the needs of those we serve and meet by being humble and kind